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Dr. Fuller’s radio broadcast ministry has touched countless lives the world over, please see the example letter from a listener and read below a summary of our history.

Dear Mr. Fuller,
I have always appreciated your broadcast over the air. I am only eleven years old and when I listen it just brings me, like magic, to a place of peace. My mother has gone to be with the Lord Jesus about two months ago, and it is very hard for me and my sister, but your broadcast has made us all happy, even my daddy. I was saved about three years ago in a little Sunday school, before I even knew anything about your broadcast. I am sending you ten cents, for I have very little money, but I want it to help you to carry on. Good-by and may the Lord bless you.

…how it all started:

In 1925, a young pastor named Charles E. Fuller saw vast possibilities in the new invention called “radio.” He soon resigned from his pastoral responsibilities to give his full time to radio evangelism. By 1935, the voice of Dr. Fuller had become a familiar sound in the Western states. On October 3, 1937 the Old Fashioned Revival Hour aired its first broadcast over the 13 stations of the Mutual Network. Charles E. Fuller soon established the Gospel Broadcasting Association to sponsor his Old Fashioned Revival Hour (OFRH) program.

Beginning in 1997 a group of individuals miraculously came together who were much affected by the original Old Fashioned Revival Hour broadcast and had a longing to see it back on the airways once again. Each ones gifts and backgrounds seemed to perfectly complement one another’s, and we each knew the Lord was calling us to move ahead with assurance and boldness!

Dr. Dan Fuller, son of founder Dr. Charles Fuller gave the invitation to come to Christ on the first fresh Old Fashioned Revival Hour in many years, on a single station in Ventura, California in 2002.

Today, the Old Fashioned Revival Hour is broadcast on some 120 stations across the United States, on shortwave, and available anytime right here at OFRH.com.

Besides being a great joy to the many who grew up with this broadcast many years ago, young people are discovering the Old Fashioned Revival Hour for the first time.

TODAY young people are showing a genuine interest in vintage cars, the music of the Big Band era, as well as art deco in architecture and home decor.  In other words, retro is “in.”

And convinced that the good news about Jesus is vital and “in” for every generation we are thrilled for the privilege to make the Old Fashioned Revival Hour available to a cross generational audience today.

4 Responses to About us

  1. David Oseland says:

    TERRIFIC! Absolutely terrific. Just discovered your website via Sunlite-Radio and was blessed to once again listen to the OFRH broadcast as I did (as a young boy) every Sunday here on WMBI in Chicago many years ago. I’m now retired, but spent my entire working career in Christian media and the OFRH was always the “standard of excellence” in Christian broadcasting. Great to hear it again and I trust you find more broadcast outlets for the program.

  2. William McKendree says:

    In this time of history, where the great many will not hear the word of God, it is good to be able to hear this proper preaching. The churches where I live have all become fakes and those who do attend have itching ears as God foretold would come and has. I am so thankful to God for these sermons of what seems to be a rapidly vanishing kind.

  3. Bruce says:

    I grew up listening to the Old Fashioned Revival Hour on the radio with my Godly paternal grandmother, and my father and sister. My father just passed away in 2011 after having a long 50 year ministry as a Baptist preacher. I remember my grandmother singing the radio song “Heavenly Sunshine” with tears of joy in her eyes and the biggest smile.

    It was truly a holy hour to listen to the broadcast. I thought that the broadcasts had forever vanished and I have sought them over the years. Yesterday was the first time I had heard a broadcast since 1968. Tears of joy flooded my eyes to sense the preciousness of Christ through Dr. Charles E. Fuller and the choir and quartet. I am overjoyed to be able to listen to the broadcasts.

    I was in Christian radio for many years and the OFRH was the very finest Christian radio program that incorporated music and preaching. It was never equalled. The choir still sounds like the voice of angels. It is almost overwhelming to emotionally and spiritually to hear the broadcast again after all these years.


  4. Gentlemen,

    Thank you for digitally editing and re-recording these broadcasts to MP3 format for today’s generation. My father, who is now 75 years old, remembered hearing the OFRH on radio when we was a young. A retired missionary in my church fondly remembers listening to it on radio in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. I have heard about this broadcast that used to be on radio in this country since I was a teenager (in the mid 1980’s) and heard their music on Bible Broadcasting Network many times since the late 1980’s.

    About a week ago, in early May 2011, I stumbled across your website and got to hear a full broadcast for the first time. What a blessing to hear one for the first time. I downloaded it to my computer and played it back later and even loaded onto my Windows Smartphone to listen to it when I go for a walk.

    I look forward to downloading each broadcast and listening to it. Enjoy the traditional Christian music, which was common place at that time but sadly has been abandoned my many in Christianity today. Being I am in Amateur Radio now for a little over 20 years, I understand the power of radio to communicate ideas. God bless you and continue working on making these old radio programs available to a new generation. I only wish these were broadcast on commercial radio like they used to be in the 1940’s and 1950’s.

    Darrell Davis
    Fort Meade, FL

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