In 1925, a young pastor named Charles E. Fuller saw vast possibilities in the new invention called “radio”. He soon resigned from his pastoral responsibilities to give his full time to radio evangelism. On October 3, 1937 the Old Fashioned Revival Hour aired its first broadcast over the 13 stations on the Mutual Network

In 1941 Fuller’s nationwide broadcast was moved from a Hollywood studio to the Long Beach Municipal Auditorium where thousands of servicemen, in route to the Pacific during World War II, attended the broadcast. Dr. Fuller and his OFRH musicians traveled throughout North America, holding citywide rallies that were often broadcast live.
By 1951 the OFRH was heard over the ABC radio network that circled the globe through 650 radio stations.

Dr. Charles E. Fuller and his associates of the Old Fashioned Revival Hour appeared in the Long Beach Municipal Auditorium for the last time on January 12, 1958 and later moved the program to a Hollywood recording studio for a 30-mintue broadcast.
Dr. Fuller’s last broadcast was in 1968, the same year he went home to be with his Savior. The broadcast continued without Dr. Fuller beyond this for over another decade as the “Joyful Sound”. After the discontinuance of new programs, some stations still continued replaying old worn out recordings of the original program until the reintroduction of the Old Fashioned Revival Hour in 2002.